It is a rare moment when one finds an honest mechanic.  Brandon is one of those.  My troubles began when the motor blew on my son’s older Subaru.  Not only did Brandon accommodate me by driving over two hours to tow the car at an extremely reasonable rate, but all of his actions thereafter were commendable.

He worked within my budget to locate a new motor, and even replaced the head gasket on the motor without additional charge since he did not feel comfortable with the condition of the gasket.  He replaced the radiator, which had warped from the heat, installed a new timing belt, and engine sensor at a reasonable price.  We took the car home with his warranty.

Unfortunately, three weeks later, the car overheated. Brandon picked up the car and chose to put a motor with even less miles in the car, along with a new head gasket (it turned out that the first replacement gasket was internally flawed).  And, he did all of this at no additional charge.  He stated that he wanted the car right and did not feel good about anything leaving his shop that he was not comfortable with.  I was not charged any additional money for what was probably two to three days of work.

I am grateful that I found such an honest person.  All Pro Subaru has earned my loyalty and I will continue to use them for any major repairs.


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Kim B.