I walked outside to my car a little after 5 today, to find my exhaust almost touching the ground. I’ve never seen this before, but all 3 of my Kartboy exhaust hangers were snapped in half. I took my phone out of my pocket and immediately called AllPro. Wes answered the phone and told me to come on by…they have a “plethora” of hangers.

I walked back into the office and grabbed some Velcro strips to temporarily secure my exhaust for the ride up in traffic, going north on Hwy 9. I get to AllPro and am immediately greeted with replacement Kartboy hangers in Patrick’s hand. We put my car on the lift, remove the broken hangers and replace them with the new ones. We chat and I’m back on the road by 6:15. The entire time, both Wes and Brandon and working hard on other cars with their owners standing by.

There’s just something to be said about having that piece of mind, knowing there’s a shop with great people that are there when you need them!

Thank you again AllPro!


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Matthew C.